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Steering Committee

Chair: Nestor Castillo

Vice-Chair: Mitzy De La Pena Medina

The Steering Committee shall consist of the PHC Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, and additional members who reflect the diversity of the County's population.


  1. Shall have general control of the affairs of the PHC subject to the authority of the PHC.

  2. Shall work with staff to prepare the agenda for each meeting.

  3. Shall determine the needs for committees and make recommendations to be approved by the PHC.

  4. Shall appoint Chairs to established committees.

  5. Shall discharge non-functioning committees.

  6. Shall prepare an annual review of the PHC activities and present it to the Board of Supervisors.

  7. Shall review applicants for PHC seats and make recommendations about them to the PHC.

Current members:

Nestor Castillo

Zhonnet Harper

Gary Howard

David Hurst

Mitzy De La Pena Medina

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