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Nestor Castillo

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Nestor Castillo is a programs coordinator at the Labor Occupational Health Program at UC Berkeley. He is the son of Salvadorean immigrants. When he is not teaching or serving in his capacity as a Commissioner, he is an advocate for the community land trust movement and other forms of local participatory democracy.

Dawn Martin


Dawn Martin, a healthcare leader from Castro Valley, brings 15 years of experience to the Public Health Commission with an MBA in Healthcare Management from the University of California, Irvine. She works in Product Management in Artificial Intelligence for a tech company.

Her impact on California's healthcare system includes a strategic role on the executive leadership team at Blue Shield of California, where she planned the equitable distribution of COVID-19 vaccines to millions of Californians. Commissioned by the Governor, Dawn worked with 58 local health jurisdictions to ensure accessibility and fairness in the vaccine rollout. At the University of California’s Program on Access to Care, Dawn provided essential technical assistance to the California legislature on healthcare policy, influencing statewide improvements. At Kaiser Permanente, she led Telehealth’s Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) team, managing chronic conditions and spearheading perinatal care initiatives to address health disparities.

Dawn joins the Commission to advocate for AI in healthcare, health equity, and preventive health to improve the lives of Alameda County residents.


Cynthia Prieto-Diaz

Cynthia Prieto-Diaz (CPD) is a biomedical engineer by profession and an applied scientist by training. Prior to joining the commission, CPD became a leadership team member with 500 Women Scientists in 2022, where her punk rock roots motivated her to seek out organizations engaging in climate action through the lens of equity and justice, while energizing the next generation of STEMM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, Medicine) leaders.

CPD is a huge cheerleader for those that ever felt like they did not belong in STEMM and is now bringing that energy to public health. When not advancing environmental justice in her immediate community, CPD enjoys running long distances and being a vegan/plant-based foodie ambassador showing that a plant-forward life can not only be healthier but delicious!


Jason To


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