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Justice and Equity for Children and Youth Ad Hoc Committee

Chair: Nestor Castillo

The Mission and Purpose of the Youth Committee of the Alameda County Public Health Commission is a commitment to empowering youth in Alameda County to become leaders in their schools and communities. We are committed to addressing issues that concern youth such as education, violence prevention, and youth employment. We seek to involve youth in identifying problems and solutions as we address regional equity and public health issues together. We seek to provide an avenue to engage youth, incorporate their perspectives, feedback and opinions and support youth to complete tangible activities or projects to improve community health, safety, and resiliency.

Youth members will provide a youth perspective on the issues that the Public Health Commission is tasked to address. The Youth members will serve as liaisons from their individual districts to the Public Health Commission. Under the guidance of the Public Health Commissioners, youth commissioners will develop, plan, and implement an annual project that will represent the committee.

The Youth Committee is seeking youth and young adults ages 17-24 years old. If you are interested in participating in the Alameda County Public Health Commission Youth Committee please contact Nestor Castillo at

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